About Us

Our Company

Maze Consulting LLC is a Minority and Woman-owned management consulting firm. We have over 20 years experience in Business, Data, Financial, and Strategic analysis in government, for-profit, and non-profit industries. We use our knowledge and energy to provide companies with the guidance they need to elevate their business. We help you collect and effectively utilize the data you need to optimize your performance and build brand loyalty. Many business leaders feel overwhelmed with data- like they are lost in a maze. We guide you through the data maze and into better decision making.

Our Mission

We help small business owners build and develop their organizations to create sustainable legacies.

Our Approach

We perform a comprehensive review of your strategies, missions, goals, and vision. We then compare those to your current business operational structure and organizational development plans, identifying and analyzing the gaps. We help you develop strategies to bridge those gaps, effectively creating new structures and plans, setting you up to scale your organization and remain primed and ready for continuous growth.

What You Receive

Advice you can rely on.
Experts who have been there.
Strategies that work.
Guidance through the maze into better decision making.

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